Blessed Aroma

I’ve long been a die-hard Fall reveler and, conversely, vehemently opposed to Summer, but today, Summer started to grow on me. Continue reading


My True Home

Sunset in Winchester Bay

Sunset in Winchester Bay

I have not posted on here in A LONG time.  I don’t have any specific topic in mind today, but I feel like a quick piece of writing will easily come to me.  It’s pretty peaceful up here in my little wooded hideaway: I can hear the birds chattering away outside and everything seems so calm and relaxed after finally receiving even the tiniest bit of rain.  My how we need rain!  It looks like it might rain some more, the forecast calls for it, but I am not going to hold my breath.  We’ve been teased over the past several days, and I don’t want to be disappointed.  I was thrilled to see everything a little damp this morning as I poured my morning coffee. Continue reading