Priority #1: Spirituality (or is it?)

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I have the spirituality bug these days.  It seems like every time I sit down to write (or think about writing), I’m compelled to reflect on the spiritual.  As I mentioned in a recent post here on Parents Space, I am reading a book called The Gift of Faith: Tending the Spiritual Lives of Children by Jeanne Harrison Nieuwejaar.  This book has given me a lot to think about in regard to the spiritual life of my growing family.  A few nights ago, I read the chapter on Culture, that calls into question our priorities as parents. Continue reading

Inter-Faith Spirituality: Family Ritual?

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I’ve got the divine on my mind today, which is only natural seeing as how the Christian world just experienced another Easter season.  I, although a member of a predominantly Christian society, am not one and I am part of what can only be described as an inter-faith family.  I have identified, since adolescence, as Wiccan, but lately have softened that a bit to the broader “Pagan” as I don’t observe much of the ritual that comes along with Wiccan practice.

My husband does not identify as anything other than scientific, but I would place him somewhere between atheist and agnostic.  Although I cannot get my husband to marvel, in anyway, at the sacred divinity I see and feel present in our natural world, we have both agreed to join the local Unitarian Universalist congregation.  Although we can’t seem to agree that divine/holy/spiritual/sacred really exists, we can both agree that the value systems found in communities of faith are beneficial to the human condition.  This is the starting point for the burgeoning spiritual life in our family.trans Inter Faith Spirituality for Children Continue reading