Art in August: Hazelnut Calm

Today turned out to feel like the most trying day in a very long time.  It was pretty normal, by most standards, but I just felt wiped by the time we hit nap time.  I had appointments to make, chicken to skin, family to visit, medication to pick-up, groceries to buy, donations to drop off, and mail to retrieve.  I did not realize how wiped I was until my absolutely over-the-top-full-of-energy munchkin was in his bed and I was finally eating an egg salad sandwich.  Which, by the way, seemed quite literally like the most delicious food I’ve eaten, as of late.  It was then, mid-sandwhich, that I heard the softest raindrops hitting the leaves of this lovely hazelnut tree just outside my dining room window. Continue reading

Art in August – Descent: The Mind of the College Educated SAHM

A blogging compatriot of mine over at Laptop on the Ironing Board, has started a fun creativity project for everyone to join in on.  She has dubbed this event: Art in August.  For background on her inspiration for this event, read Resolution and Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

The basic idea is for those who are participating to create something once a week during the month of August.  I decided to join in because creating is fun and is a good activity to help give your brain a workout.  Today, I decided to sit down with my two year-old and his art supplies and create.  This is what I came up with, and I dubbed it “Descent: The Mind of the College Educated SAHM”:


This lovely little piece of preschool artwork has been the inspiration for a piece of writing to come at a later date.  Spending hours interacting with a two year-old and teaching him letters, numbers, shapes, and colors has clearly addled my brain and taken its toll on my creative mind.  I think next time I will put down the crayons and stretch myself with some mixed media.  For all of our sakes.

“Like” Me on Facebook

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So I realized today, by way of How To Ruin A Toddler’s Day, that if I am to garner any followers on Facebook, I need to tell people about it!  Here it is: find me on Facebook and give me a “like” at or you can click “like” in the box on the right-hand side of your screen.  You can also feel free to follow me on Twitter: @MeghanDF.  You’ll get more updates there, so it’s really up to you how involved in my life you want to be.  Hahaha.

If you do choose to “like” me on Facebook, make sure to share my page with your friends!

Postcard Exchange – Featured Postcard! “Australia”

Kingscliff, Australia

Kingscliff, Australia

Today, I am sharing with you the postcard that was sent to me from Kingscliff, Australia by Mummy Flying Solo.  She tells me that this is her favorite place to have lived after having lived in many different places.  I can get on board with that, as she lives on beautiful coastline.  I imagine that her coastal experience is quite different from mine in Oregon, but being near the ocean is just good for the soul. Continue reading

Postcard Exchange – Featured Postcard! “Atlanta”

Scan0002At long last!  This is the very first featured postcard for my postcard exchange and it hails from Atlanta, Georgia, USA from none other than our illustrious Atlantamomofthree.  I’m very excited to share her postcard here because she is the brains behind the whole postcard exchange operation.  I began this exchange based off of hers, so please go and check out the original post that spurred me on and maybe join in! Continue reading

Postcard Exchange!

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I’ve got some extra time today because I woke up SUPER early after having an incredibly strange dream about my upcoming delivery.  Anyway… Atlantamomofthree gave me a great idea!  She is doing a Postcard Exchange and I want to do it too 🙂  The idea is pretty simple, but so fun: we connect with each other via email, exchange information, and send postcards on their way!  She takes it one step further and features all the postcards she receives in a blog post that includes a link to your blog and a little bit about you/your blog.  I think this is a great way to use something other than the internet to communicate (I’m a sucker for handwritten letters) and to get to know other parts of the USA and world that we might not otherwise get to see or visit. Continue reading

My True Home

Sunset in Winchester Bay

Sunset in Winchester Bay

I have not posted on here in A LONG time.  I don’t have any specific topic in mind today, but I feel like a quick piece of writing will easily come to me.  It’s pretty peaceful up here in my little wooded hideaway: I can hear the birds chattering away outside and everything seems so calm and relaxed after finally receiving even the tiniest bit of rain.  My how we need rain!  It looks like it might rain some more, the forecast calls for it, but I am not going to hold my breath.  We’ve been teased over the past several days, and I don’t want to be disappointed.  I was thrilled to see everything a little damp this morning as I poured my morning coffee. Continue reading

Recovering Shut-Down Addict

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I consider myself to be an activist.  Not really in the true sense of the word.  The root is clearly “active” and I am not the chain-myself-to-a-tree type.  I am much more of a passive activist (passactivist?).  I like to have conversations with people about their beliefs and lead by example.  Some would argue that if I’m going to make any real change in the world that I need to be out holding the picket sign and gathering signatures on a petition.  Sure, those people are necessary, but that’s not how I work to change the world.  The other side may call me lazy, but I believe that my approach may be less abrasive and more likely to garner sympathy from my “opponents”. Continue reading

Let’s try this again….

So I started this blog about three years ago and did nothing with it.  After spending some time blogging for my coaching business, I have found it quite enjoyable to write for others.  I’m going to be putting my coaching on hold now that I am expecting my second child, but I would like to continue blogging.  Being a stay-at-home mother, I don’t have a platform for discussion very often because I spend most of my time talking with an 18 month old about dogs, trucks, goats, and poop.  There is a lot rattling around in my brain that needs an outlet and lively discussion.  I’ve got some topics saved up and I hope others find them interesting.  Today is not one of those topics as it is late and I will probably not make much sense if I try to delve into something to deep.  For now, I just want to put my intention out there to see where it takes me.

Love and light to you and yours!