Did you miss me?!? Well, I didn’t die…

Hello faithful followers,

I have neglected you. After July 26, 2014, I just vanished.  If you follow me on any other social media sites, you probably have somewhat of an idea about what my life has been like the past three months.  It has been this incredible blur of doctors, hospitals, dietary changes, therapy appointments, new medications, excrement and emesis, and a taste of normalcy thrown in here and there.  I took a quick look at my calendar and, literally, the day following my last post is when the ‘S’ hit the fan. If you could see my calendar, you might actually cry. But the good news is: we survived! Continue reading

Wonderful Team Membership Award

For those of you who follow me regularly, you remember that between August and September last year (2013) we had this crazy award season.  I was busy growing and birthing a baby so I got rather behind in my acceptance and passing on of the various awards. I know, shame on me!  But today, I am ready to accept and pass on! Continue reading

The Liebster Award

I am WAY behind.  I was nominated for this award back on August 6, 2013 by Marie over at My Mom Thoughts.  This was back when it was award season around this corner of WordPress and people were passing awards around like crazy.  I was getting ready to expel a baby from my body and was feeling too overwhelmed to actually get posts like these done.  Now, I have no more excuses because things are relatively quiet around here.  So now its time for me to start accepting and passing on awards.  Woo hoo!!! Continue reading