6 Things You Actually Have To Stop Doing To Be Happy

Read this. Christopher must have been in my head when he wrote this.

Who doesn’t want to be a little more happy in life? I know I do. I think I am a fairly content and happy person most of the time, but I could stand to be a little happier. But what do I do if I want to be a happier person? The amount of advice online about how to be happy is seemingly unending.

Happy Little Girl Such a smiley girl

As I read these tidbits of wisdom I always walk away with a ‘yes, but’ ringing in my mind. I think yes; ‘doing these things will likely make me happier in the moment, but will they contribute to my long term happiness?‘ Obviously that isn’t always the case. Somethings will without a doubt contribute to both my long term and my short term happiness. But some choices that will make me less happy in the short term, will set me up…

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So my littlest brother put up this great post about a sweet outfit for us busy mamas. He really seems to know what’s up…who knew a 20 year old boy could know so much about moms. 🙂

A Sovereign Style

mom on the go!

Joules striped sweater, $120 / American Eagle Outfitters cropped jeans, $50 / Maiden Lane thong sandals, $49 / River Island black purse, $135 / Humble Chic art deco jewelry, $48 / Crate and Barrel glass water bottle, $6.95

Who’s up for round 2?!

Per my sister Meghan’s ( https://mathairfiona.wordpress.com/) request, I put together an easy and stylish look for all you busy moms.

Disclaimer: I am not a busy mother, so if this doesn’t work for y’all forgive me. This is just what I picture myself in if I were a mother out running errands.

Alrighty, let’s begin.

What I enjoy the most about the look is the effortless vibe it gives off. It looks like you’re very put together, but its just something you can throw on quickly before heading out…

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The #proudmummymomentproject

As if you needed more reason to share photos….

mummy flying solo

Project logo

I’m birthing a project. Huzzah!

Now before you skedaddle off out the door because you think it’s all mushiness and gooey proud mummy stuff, let me fill you in.

I will admit, yes, there is some of that. The mushy, skyting stuff because let’s face it, it happens and it makes us happy and our eyes fill with tears. Heartwarming. Beautiful. Great. It’s fun to share this stuff.

But there are other not so show offy things that go on in my life that I’d also consider a proud mummy moment.


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Fight or Flow

I can’t even say how much I love this post…

Little Miss Perfect

I had been in the shower for only a few seconds when thirty pounds of fury began beating on the door. I opened it, cross because this was supposed to be my uninterrupted shower time, with said thirty pounds of fury being watched by my husband.

“Where the shit IS he?!” I exclaimed, as Jack stepped first one chunky toddler leg, then the other over the side of the tub and plopped down. The drain was badly in need of some sort of drain opener, so Jack was now splashing around at my feet in a couple of inches of dirty, soapy standing water. By the time G. got there, Jack had dipped his face in it and was rubbing the soap bubbles in his hair.

“This,” I said, pointing down at Jack, “is what happens when you’re supposed to be watching the baby and you let him watch cartoons…

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Nothing Post

I know the feeling so I had to share with all if you!

Laptop on the Ironing Board

Free Aldi flowers - still going after 2 weeks!

This is just a nothing post.  I want to write something sparkling and profound for you, but I don’t think I can manage it today.  So this is a nothing post.  I miss you, dear reader, and I want to connect, there are plenty of topics I want to write about, but they’re difficult and I just can’t get the shape of them today.  Maybe we can just sit at my virtual kitchen table (that’s where I always imagine us to be, you see) and stare out the window together.

Perhaps if I write this, then whatever I write next won’t have all the pressure and expectation of a two-week break on its shoulders.  It can just be an ordinary post, not a Triumphant Return to Blogworld.

Ugh.  Annie’s crying.  She was supposed to sleep for longer!  Thank you for sharing this nothing time with me.  With any luck, I’ll be back soon with something of…

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