How to say “I Love You” on Father’s Day

Thank you Dadgitated for your Mother’s Day post that gave me that idea to do this!  It is so true that I am at a loss for what to do to really celebrate the greatness that is my husband and son’s father.  Should I cook him a special meal?  Well, I do that every day.  I suppose I could do a load of laundry for him since I haven’t done that for many years now, but that just seems silly.  I could do one of his chores, like mowing the lawn, but since I’m going to be birthing yet another one of his children in less than two months, that seems ill-advised.  I always make sure he has thoughtful cards and we typically BBQ with his family, but how can I really make him feel special and appreciated?  Embarrass him on the internet, of course!!! Continue reading

So you want a natural birth? Get in line!

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With all of this “taking it easy” that I need to do to stave off a complete meltdown in these final weeks of pregnancy (7 weeks for perfect timing, 5 weeks for my preference, and 9 weeks based off of past experience), I have had some time to reflect on my last birth experience.  Sharing your birth story seems to be all the rage in mommy blogs, forums, and other birth-related venues so I thought I would give it a try.  The moral of my story is that when people tell you that you can’t plan/expect anything in birth, you should listen.  It is great to have an idea and a plan (it’s good to feel you have control over certain aspects), but the reality is that you really never know what’s going to happen when it’s time for your little one to emerge from your nether regions. Continue reading

Mommy Guilt? You Bet Your Ass.

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For those of you who do not know that much about me, I have an extremely active 2 year-old boy and am due with number two in 59 days (August 9).  I am a stay-at-home mother and, sadly, am admitting to being a sufferer of “mommy guilt” and, as a result, may have cause my own meltdown at a birthday party for a 1 year-old.  Awesome.  I have always been a bit of an over-achiever, though I have mellowed-out over the years.  I am less of a perfectionist than I used to be and can tap into my coping “tool box” when I really need to (read: I have seen MANY therapists).  However, I do keep a TON to myself and my bitch-fests with my girlfriends seem to be few and far between.  This is a pretty good recipe for a meltdown, but I digress… Continue reading

Baybee Brudder Wheree Izee?

What's my name?!?

What’s my name?!?

Translation: Where is my baby brother?  Every once in a while, this phrase pops out of my little one’s mouth.  SUPER cute and also kind of sad because a two year-old doesn’t really understand the whole pregnancy concept so he might just think we are lying to him about this so-called Baby Brother.  Although my son is concerned with the actual location of this potentially imaginary child, I am quite clear on this point and am WAY more concerned with “Babee Brudder Who Izee?”  And…my husband and I are having a seriously difficult time coming up with a name. Continue reading

The So-Called “Choice” to Stay At Home

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Yesterday, I had a precious few moments on my elliptical at the gym to catch a broadcast of  The Takeaway on NPR.  One of the topics covered that day was part of an on-going series regarding work-family balance, specifically speaking to women who have chosen to stay home with their children.  The main issue explored during this conversation was how other women view those of us who have left the workforce to stay at home and how we deal with those that refer to us as “just a mom.”  Although a relevant topic and one that will be revisited for years to come, I felt that time should have been spent exploring the idea of “choosing” to stay home with the children. Continue reading

Does my hyphenated name offend you? Oh good. That was my plan.

For those of you who do not know my personality well yet, I tend to be rather sarcastic.  Not as a general rule, but I can’t help myself sometimes…especially after being faced with completely ridiculous situations.  The topic of hyphenation is one that has been rattling around in my mind for quite some time now.  Mostly in response to how my in-laws have responded to my hyphenated last name and my child’s hyphenated last name, but also in response to a perfectly congenial discussion on my Facebook page that got hijacked and derailed.  A lot of my thoughts on the topic where aired in the FB discussion, but I still feel the need to have a coherent piece of writing about a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Continue reading