Blessed Aroma

I’ve long been a die-hard Fall reveler and, conversely, vehemently opposed to Summer, but today, Summer started to grow on me.

It has been undeniably gorgeous here lately.  I have been leaving the doors and windows open to let the breeze blow through the house and listen to the leaves rustle and the orchestra of birdsong.  That is no exaggeration.  There are innumerable types of birds that spend the summer in the forest around our house and they all sing their little hearts out at the same time.  It is especially beautiful when combined with the echo and stillness of the morning.  And let me not forget to mention the earthy smell of the forest in summertime.  It’s this wonderful warm, fir scent that is so distinct from the wet earth smell of Winter and Spring.


Today has been full of aroma. I picked my first “crop” of strawberries from our little patch today.  Strawberries that have been warming in the sun give off the sweetest, most mouth-watering smell; especially when all piled together in a heap.  This afternoon, The Man in Plaid and I noticed that the garlic was ready to come out of the ground.  When that first foot of garlic popped out of the earth we were hit with that spicy garlic smell.  I think garlic is a luxurious scent, although many might disagree.  I brought them all in the house, cleaned the dirt off in the sink, and made a big, beautiful garlic braid to hang in my kitchen. Now my hands smell of a mixture of dirt and garlic and I couldn’t be happier.

20140611_234313742_iOS (3)

Add to this fresh baked bread and a chicken in the crockpot and I am in aroma heaven.  Smell grounds me and these scents are quickly becoming some of my favorites.

Let’s see how I feel about Summer come mid-July.  I may be singing an entirely different tune…

What’s your favorite aspect of the changing seasons?

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