So my littlest brother put up this great post about a sweet outfit for us busy mamas. He really seems to know what’s up…who knew a 20 year old boy could know so much about moms. 🙂

A Sovereign Style

mom on the go!

Joules striped sweater, $120 / American Eagle Outfitters cropped jeans, $50 / Maiden Lane thong sandals, $49 / River Island black purse, $135 / Humble Chic art deco jewelry, $48 / Crate and Barrel glass water bottle, $6.95

Who’s up for round 2?!

Per my sister Meghan’s ( request, I put together an easy and stylish look for all you busy moms.

Disclaimer: I am not a busy mother, so if this doesn’t work for y’all forgive me. This is just what I picture myself in if I were a mother out running errands.

Alrighty, let’s begin.

What I enjoy the most about the look is the effortless vibe it gives off. It looks like you’re very put together, but its just something you can throw on quickly before heading out…

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