Remember the time when you thought I had my own Firebolt?

Today I’m playing along with the “Remember The Time” blog hop brought to you by Are You Finished Yet? and The Waiting. Enjoy!

No, that can’t be real.  But, I didn’t think witches were real either.  She says she’s a witch and I believe her…I’m a little scared of her.  I should just ask.  No.  She’ll think I’m an idiot.  No, it will be OK.  We’ve been friends a while now.  She won’t laugh.  OK, I’ll wait until we are alone so no one will hear.

Alright man, here we are, in a parking lot, just standing by her car.  Now’s the time.  Even if she thinks I’m a dip shit, her Vista Colt won’t judge me.  Here goes…

“Hey. I need to ask you something.” Oh shit, she’s going to think I’m asking her out…

Why does she have that sideways smile and a twinkle in her eye when she says, “yeah?”

“You have to promise not to laugh.” That’s never a good way to start something.  Why did I say that…

“I won’t laugh.  Ask me whatever you want.”  She does look sincere, and she’s pretty much nice to everyone.

“Can you fly on a broom?”  There.  Said it.

“What?” I have never seen that look on her face.  Shit.

“Seriously.  Can you fly on a broom?” This was a bad idea.  What the hell was I thinking.  She’s laughing.  Oh my god, are those tears in here eyes?!? She said she wouldn’t laugh.  She’s going to pee her pants.

“I’m so sorry. Ha. Oh, no, I’m really sorry.  I did NOT think you were going to ask that.  No.  I can’t fly on a broom.  That is not real. No one can do that.”

“OK.  I just wasn’t sure.” I just wasn’t sure?  Who says that?  I really am an idiot.

Back when I was a Wiccan (senior year of high school), one of my best guy friends actually asked me if I could fly on a broom.  He was completely serious.  His facial expression was dead-pan.  No joke.  I honestly had every intention of dealing with whatever it was he needed to ask me in the kindest and most compassionate manner, but when I heard the question, I was so overcome with the absolute absurdity of it that the laughter just bubbled up out of me.  I felt really awful afterward because he looked pretty abashed after all was said and done.  I’m pretty sure it didn’t damage our friendship any, but I still think it is one of the most hilarious questions anyone has ever asked me.  Excepting, of course, the woman who asked me if I thought she was a vampire…

4 thoughts on “Remember the time when you thought I had my own Firebolt?

  1. haha! That’s funny! I was totally into vampires in high school…I read ALL the Anne Rice books. I love the dialogue in this…I’m working on improving my dialogue writing in the story I’m writing, I’m definitely more of an imagery writer but dialogue really makes the story come alive.


    • I didn’t think this was my best piece, but I was really trying to think what must have been going on in his head at the time. It was the strangest conversation. It still gets me!

      The vampire conversation was during the end of my time as a social worker. It was SO strange. I had a good laugh after that one was over. I should write about that some time. Haha.


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