I’ll give you six months, you give me food in jars….

Thanks to Snotmaggedon and Snowpacalypse 2014, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands.  I am letting Crazy Pants watch so much TV I’m sure his brain has been reduced to green goo, but he’s so sick that I just need him to sit still, rest, and stop screaming about EVERYTHING.  So, when I’m not cleaning up runny noses (yup, Teddy Bear has it too) and other random messes around the house (read: dog vomit), I’m blogging, updating my blog, and reading/commenting on other blogs.  Pretty enjoyable, minus the sinus pressure and the lack-of-sleep delirium.

As some of you may remember, I made my first attempt at a blog-along/link-up back in December 2013.  I did have one participant, Kerry at Winding Road, but I must admit, I was hoping for more.  I will further admit that my delivery was TERRIBLE.  It was rather last-minute so the publicity was sub-par. My fault.

I think that blog-alongs, linkys, blog-hops, blog carnivals, and whatever else they might be called are a ton of fun and great for building our community.  Today, I read Kerry’s blog post Remember the Time I Harvested Your Crops? that is part of the blog hop, “Remember The Time” by Are You Finished Yet? and The Waiting. I’m excited to write a piece for the RTT blog hop because I love to reminisce, and I have some great stories to tell.  I’m hoping to deliver some pee-your-pants moments.  Over the summer, I participated in Art in August with Kate over at Laptop on the Ironing Board. That was a lot of fun and made some new bloggy friends.

Today, I was thinking, “I REALLY want to host a blog hop, but what sort of topic would be unique to my blog?” So as I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, I just let my mind wander.  I finally landed in summertime after taking a trip through spring.  Despite the unimaginable amount of snow at my house, I know spring is just around the corner and we will be planting our garden again.  Then, after months of blood, sweat, and tears, it will be time to put up all of nature’s bounty for the next winter.  This lead me to think about one of my posts for Art in August, Thanks Be to Nature, Good Friends & Family.  I had a few comments where some of you lovely readers mentioned wishing you could or would put up food, too.  So it is decided…

Introducing the: Of Course I Can! Blog Hop

This blog hop will officially begin in August 2014.  I picked this month because I won’t be putting anything in jars before then.  Maybe blackberry jam, but that’s doubtful.  Some of you are in places where you may be able to get going before me so don’t let my time-table hold you back.  I am giving us such a long lead-up time to (1) give this blog hop an excellent head start and (2) give all the new canning initiates plenty of time to gain confidence and collect supplies.  I will post once a month about a canning-related topic to help you build your own knowledge base and to ask questions.  I want canning to seem as welcoming as possible and I want this to be FUN!

Are you in?

You’ve got 6 months to prepare!

Also, if you know how to create a “button,” I’d love to hear from you!

29 thoughts on “I’ll give you six months, you give me food in jars….

    • Haha, I was drooling all over you a bit wasn’t I? You are welcome!

      I hope my posts give you the canning bug. I always do pickled beets and bread and butter pickles. Both easy things for the beginner. I think tomatoes and green beans are easiest, more so than even jam. As I respond to comments I am getting so excited to start writing these!

      I really hope lots participate because canning stories can be so funny.


  1. I did bread and butter pickles and banana peppers. They expired before I could get to them. Our garden produced so many freakin’ cucumbers it was out of control. That and squash. Not sure what we will plant this year, I think I want a simple “salsa garden” and will have to go easy when laying the seeds. ha 😉
    Oh, and “stop drooling all over me!” said no blogger ever.:) xo


    • LOL. I will continue to be liberal with my drool.

      Just for future reference, especially with pickled items, the will last for years. The literature will tell you for a year, but my family has been canning for generations and it was typically done on a two-year cycle. We keep the stuff I can for two years a lot of the time.

      I did banana peppers last year and they turned out kind of mushy 😦 Salsa would be fun…and pretty.


      • I’m sure if the apocalypse came we could have eaten them but not any other time. They looked brownish and weird. On a totally random note, I always assumed instant mashed potatoes were “apocalypse food” until I made them in a rush last week and they tasted funky. Turns out they were 2 years old. yikes! We keep our laundry room stocked with what I dub “apocalypse food”…my husband would build an underground bunker if he could. 🙂


  2. I’m very tempted by this challenge. I would like to have a go at making crab apple jelly. If the trees on the street where Harry goes to kinder have another bumper crop this year, I’ll turn up with buckets and saucepans and give it a go! Wish me luck!


    • I do wish you luck! I hope that you do it and I get to read all about your adventure :). I tried to make apple jelly once will all the leftover bits from my apple butter and failed miserably! Sometimes I get a little over-ambitious 😉


      • Well, I’ve given it a go and I’m happy to say I failed miserably – on the first attempt. Then I had another go and managed to get a few jars together. So I had the exquisite joy of writing up a juicy ‘fail’ post plus some lovely jelly to spread on my gluten-free toast. Thanks for encouraging me!


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