The Small Things

Kerry at The Winding Road just posted her entry for the Living Thankfulness Link-Up. Have a read and get inspired!

Winding Road

The lovely Meghan at Mathair Fiona recently posted her conclusion to her own thankfulness challenge. I do not usually keep a gratitude journal and did not take part in the November Facebook gratitude posts but Meghan’s challenge inspired me to live with gratitude. And while I may not continue writing down what I am thankful for daily, the exercise trained me to think and feel gratitude regularly. Below is my unedited list of thankfulness begun December 1st. I only made it to the 22nd but I learned a great deal.

  1. I’m thankful that I embody motherly aspects that I don’t always feel. My daughter often comments, as she did this morning, that she loves how warm and soft I am.
  2. I’m thankful for the magic of the Christmas season. The wonder in my children’s eyes is enough to bring tears to mine.
  3. I’m thankful for my dog. She has been with…

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