Of Frozen Pipes and a Snowbound Family: A Living Thankfulness Check-In

I don’t know how many people are planning to participate in my Living Thankfulness Link-Up, but I thought I’d do a check-in to see how things are going.  I’ve been keeping a thankfulness journal this month, but today I am going to share my entry with you all.

We have been snowed in since Friday.  It is day 4 of being stuck and day 2 of no water.  I could go on and on about my frustrations with this, and at another point in my life I might have, but I have been allowing myself to enjoy this time.  We may be stuck up here, but luckily, The Man In Plaid has a four-wheel drive truck and snow-rated tires so he can get out to snag supplies once in a while.

It is so beautiful up here on our side of the mountain.  Although, decidedly less beautiful now that we have trampled all over it, but the tramping has been so fun. It is so easy to get caught up in the “ought-tos” of life, but then circumstances arise that force you to let them go.  I am at my most unpleasant when I believe that I do not have enough time or am running out of time to complete my tasks that I see as necessary for a smoothly functioning home.  Imagine my surprise that despite having no water, everything is flowing just fine.  Might I even suggest that life is flowing more organically?  I could begin to pontificate on the wonders of life without chores, but that would be silly.  We will eventually run out of clean clothes, I can’t stand using disposable diapers, and having to retrieve more water from the in-laws house will become tiresome.  However, I am quite enjoying my time of having fewer cares.

This is a time to take pause and remind myself that when I transform into Must-Get-It-Done-Now Mom, that is exactly the time when I do not need to get it done now.  It is much easier to remind The Man in Plaid that tasks can wait when you are becoming frustrated than it is to remind myself when in the throes of household management.  I tend not to be the type of person uttering phrases such as, “cherish it while it lasts, these moments are so fleeting,” because I think those kinds of statements diminish the beauty of future moments with your growing family and are a tad macabre.  I do believe, that I need to relish in each moment with my family because there is another one just around the corner that will require just as much attention and appreciation.  I cannot fully live in each moment of my day if I spend any part of it being frustrated and angry over dirty dishes, unfolded clothes, cluttered shelves, and sticky floors.  It takes some preparation and work, but one can learn to set aside their daily frustrations to truly enjoy whatever is going on around them.  Sometimes it takes a little snow and some frozen pipes to remember that.

I will leave you with some pictures of our little haven in the woods.  Enjoy!


North View of Front Porch


Our Beautiful Border Collie, Luna


The Driveway


Crazy Pants, East Side of the House


Front Porch Looking East

9 thoughts on “Of Frozen Pipes and a Snowbound Family: A Living Thankfulness Check-In

  1. Wow, that is beautiful! Trying to be present while doing chores is certainly a difficult feat but one worth working for because so much of life, especially for parents with little kids, is chore-like. That is great that you were able to transform a seemingly frustrating experience to one of gratitude!


    • I’m certainly a work-in-progress. I’ve always prided myself on high-efficiency, but now I have to slow down and define success in different ways. I felt pretty great a few days ago when I made a batch if granola bars with the two year-old. It took a little longer and was messier, but so much fun for both of us.


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