Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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I just came across an article today that put my hackles up, so to speak.  I am just returning to the Christian faith after about a decade of exploring a Celtic pagan path, and so I likely have less traditional views than many Christians, but I do get upset when people are attacked for how they choose to worship or celebrate.

This article posted on The Blaze (they are newer and I don’t know much about their credibility, so bear with me), tells of how there is a billboard in New York calling to remove Christ from Christmas.  Apparently, the spirit of the message is to encourage people to stop following traditions that they don’t enjoy (religious customs) and participate in the “true” meaning of the holiday (family, charity).  I don’t 100% disagree with the sentiment, but, at the core, this message is hateful.  This group is lashing out against the Christian groups that go out of their way to tell other groups that their winter traditions don’t matter, but they are doing the EXACT same thing.

The holidays, and any time of year for that matter, should not be filled with attacks against other people’s beliefs our chosen traditions and customs.  This atheist group makes the claim that people participate in the Christian religious traditions of this season by rote, so they should stop.  Some people may do this by rote, but for so many, this is a time of true spiritual meaning.  I have been learning more about this by reading about the experiences and traditions of Advent.  This billboard, and the ideas behind it, makes me sad and causes everyone to place their focus on topics that are unimportant during this season.  Perhaps I am guilty of that by pointing this out, but I just want to encourage everyone to be kind and gentle with one another and remember that all the winter traditions have elements of hope, light, and love.

Sit a spell.

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