Announcement, Announcement, Ann-ou-ouncement

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This is an announcement, and a bit of a way to keep myself accountable.  I am currently dreaming up a link-up/blogging challenge for any of you who might be interested.

I’m sure a few of you have also been participating in 30 Days of Thanks on Facebook or elsewhere.  I have really enjoyed this exercise and want to further extrapolate on it.  Thankfulness is very important to me and I think the practice of thanksgiving makes us all better people.

Therefore, I plan to write up a synopsis of my 30 Days of Thanks and share it with you all.  In addition to that, I am going to have some sort of thankfulness blogging challenge that you can choose to participate in.  I’m not sure how it will all look just yet, but I’m really hoping to drum-up even more goodwill than we normally have during this time of year.  I would like to get this typed up and out to you all on the 30th, but I may have to be extra ambitious.  Send me extra encouragement so I can get it done 🙂

I hope some of you will be inspired to join (how about those of you who didn’t do 30 Days of Thanks?), and if anyone has experience hosting a blog-along, please send me some tips on getting everyone linked up… I am utterly clueless.

Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Announcement, Announcement, Ann-ou-ouncement

    • So we need to go to the original post and follow the instructions there, yes? I’m a little confused :/

      However, thank you! You are great at making me feel positively about my writing here. I really do need to get on accepting all the awards from our last award season. They all came in about the time Teddy Bear was born and I started having serious nutty-ness in my life.


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