I’ve Got a New Toy!


My husband bought me a brand new Surface 2 for my Merry Birthday!  I am so freaking’ excited and I had to tell you all about it.  Now I can blog like nobody’s business :).

I have nothing more to say…. I’m just super pumped.

14 thoughts on “I’ve Got a New Toy!

    • This ended up in my spam for some reason! Thanks for the birthday wish 🙂 That fan is hand painted on silk. My dad lived in Laos for a few years when I was a child and brought that (among many other things) back with him. It has been traveling around with me ever since my very first apartment.


  1. Yay! What a thoughtful husband! I tried to peek on the reflection of your glasses to see what a Surface 2 looks like ( so third-world, I didn’t know what it was LOL), couldn’t make it out so I Google it and whoa! Very thoughtful husband indeed!


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