Art in August: Hazelnut Calm

Today turned out to feel like the most trying day in a very long time.  It was pretty normal, by most standards, but I just felt wiped by the time we hit nap time.  I had appointments to make, chicken to skin, family to visit, medication to pick-up, groceries to buy, donations to drop off, and mail to retrieve.  I did not realize how wiped I was until my absolutely over-the-top-full-of-energy munchkin was in his bed and I was finally eating an egg salad sandwich.  Which, by the way, seemed quite literally like the most delicious food I’ve eaten, as of late.  It was then, mid-sandwhich, that I heard the softest raindrops hitting the leaves of this lovely hazelnut tree just outside my dining room window.  I love this tree because it is one unique tree growing amongst so many Douglas Firs.  It is all its own, and after a nice long slumber every winter, it returns to me in the springtime and lets me look out on it’s beautiful transformation over the following seasons, until it goes to sleep again.

During this quiet moment of reflection, I realized that the art I wanted to create this week was just a simple picture to illustrate the feeling I get when I look out at my tree.  I also realized, that the picture itself, would not really bring you all into my moment.  I wanted to share these words with you, along with my picture.

Hazelnut Calm

Hazelnut Calm

When I stepped out my door to take the photo, I could smell the wet earth.  I love the rain, but the smell of the earth just after a summer rain is so distinct and like no other time of the year.  It is so peaceful.  I always feel amped up when is hot, and a cool rain always seems to slow things down.  As I walked around my strawberry patch, I began to feel little drops of rain hit the exposed skin of my forearms.  I stopped just next to the woodshed and took my photo.  When I was finished, the most gentle breeze came through the trees, rustling the leaves ever so slightly and causing me to close my eyes and smile as I felt the air wrap around my body.  What a peaceful, serene feeling it was, and I keep drifting back there and sort of swaying with the thought.

Take some time to gaze at the photo and focus on the calming gray sky.  I know this might not be everyone’s ideal sky, but gray skies always make me feel at peace.

That’s it for my creating this week.  It’s a little outside the main idea of the event, but it is still art and still got my creative juices flowing.  If you want to join in, check out the original post from Laptop on the Ironing Board.

My first piece: Descent: The Mind of the College Educated SAHM

Also, don’t forget to check out all the wonderful ladies creating along together!

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