I Need a Fix: A True Confession of an Organization Junkie

Borrowed from diyhshp.blogspot.com

I have a not-so-secret love affair with the Simple Mom blog.  I love reading everything on her blog about slowing down and really being in the moment, and, of course, everything to do with organization.  Her site is dedicated to living simply, and I love that.  My family has not actively decided that “simple living” is something we strive for, its just kind of the way we are.  Both my husband and I grew-up rurally so we tend to have a different outlook on life than some of our more sub-urban/urban counterparts.  It also helps that we have to live on a budget so its pretty impossible for us to become overly driven by consumption and the proverbial need to “keep up with the Jones’.”  However, we are not idyllic farm-folk who need nothing more than to look out over our rows of corn to know true happiness.  We need reminding of the important things once in a while, and, for me, I can get that reminder through the wonderful pieces of writing found on Simple Mom.

I love this site so much that I recently ordered one of Tsh Oxenreider’s books: Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living.  This may not seem very “live in the moment,” but I seriously cannot function when things are not organized.  I am one of those people who live by the mantra: “A place for everything and everything in its place.”  I understand that might seem awfully rigid to some, but it is just the way I am.  I was actually given credit in college for organizing a professor’s office as she moved on to becoming the Dean of Students.  It was maddening at first, but oh so satisfying when I was done.

I do feel that I and my husband have mastered the “clutter-free” part of living, so I am most drawn to this book for focus on organizing my time.  For just over two years now, I have been a stay-at-home mom and, truth-be-told, I’ve been a bit aimless about it.  Even as far back as elementary school, I have used a day-planner to organize my day and have had timelines to stick to and deadlines to meet.  I so very often feel like I am just floating around in mommy-world doing tasks as they occur to me.  Granted, having young children (two years and one still in the womb) does require a person to operate in this fashion, to some degree.  I have a pretty rough “to-do list” on my fridge, but I also have all kinds of items and tasks  that just sort of bounce around in my brain.  Gone are the days of strategic planning and palm pilots, but I am beginning to miss that.

There was a time, back in college, that I had the most incredible organizational system.  This was totally necessary because I went to school full-time, worked three jobs (that totaled more than full time), and even participated in extra-curricular activities.  Momentary pause for bragging: despite my crazy schedule, my husband (boyfriend, at the time) still lived in a clean apartment and ate home-cooked meals.  I have no desire to go back to a time that was so scheduled, but I do yearn (yes, I used that word) for an equally amazing organizational system.  I am not sure why I haven’t yet developed one, but doing so is the most recent goal I have set for myself.  Things are about to get even more crazy around here with the birth of a second child and I need to re-connect with this old coping mechanism of mine.

I have seen a few posts in the mommy blogging world about household management and organization, but I would like to hear more thoughts from those that employ organizational techniques in their everyday lives as stay-at-home moms and dads.  Please share your tips, tricks and links!  I can’t wait to get started 🙂

15 thoughts on “I Need a Fix: A True Confession of an Organization Junkie

  1. Oooooo I’ll have to remember to follow the comments on this post as I’m really interested to see what comes out. For me, we have a pretty scheduled existence (playgroup, daycare, mother’s group etc) and then I just squeeze in the chores around that. Sometimes it works, other times it looks like a bomb exploded in my house. I use a to-do list often mostly because my brain is fried since having a baby. i can’t seem to remember simple things like that I need to get the clothes in off the line, so I set reminders for that or pop them on a list. My desk has an in-tray which I sort of use well. I’m working on getting better. So sorry, not sure my life is that helpful to you as you sound more orgnaised than me already! hehe


    • I have this crazy need to use forms. I am really hoping to develop a killer household management binder. I think that comes from my years of working in shelters. No shelter functions without binders and forms! I have half-assed used my phone, but its just not doing it for me! I hope we hear from some experienced household managers, too.


  2. Have you checked out FlyLady.net? It’s a great website and you can get daily emails. She will walk you through setting up a control binder or you can buy one from her that you fill in the blanks. Also, check out Cozi.com. You can have lists (to-do or shopping), a calendar, recipes, meal planning, and a family journal. It is Web based so you can use it where ever you are and sync with other family members. They have an app too and will even pair with FlyLady.


      • You are welcome. FlyLady has made a huge impact on my life and that of thousands of others. I love using the Cozi journal which sends a monthly update to those I choose (extended family that lives far away) so they can keep up with what we are doing and how my son is growing.


  3. Valerie says:

    I definitely make/use lots of lists to stay organized. Lists of things that need doing today, and for the next several days. My mind is a bit crowded now that I am blogging full time on top of homeschooling and homemaking, so I have to write things down!


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