Postcard Exchange – Featured Postcard! “Australia”

Kingscliff, Australia

Kingscliff, Australia

Today, I am sharing with you the postcard that was sent to me from Kingscliff, Australia by Mummy Flying Solo.  She tells me that this is her favorite place to have lived after having lived in many different places.  I can get on board with that, as she lives on beautiful coastline.  I imagine that her coastal experience is quite different from mine in Oregon, but being near the ocean is just good for the soul.

Definitely check this lady out.  She’s a single mom with a toddler, so we can probably all learn a thing or two from her.  I know that my life is certainly simplified by having my baby daddy around so I can only imagine what her level of stress is like on certain days.  I really do enjoy reading MFS’s blog because she is a woman after my own heart: sarcastic and full of swears 🙂  I just read a post about stupid people that I find to be quite lovely 🙂

MFS is also currently in the midst of a 30 Day Meditation Challenge.  I’m a big fan of “Mindful Eating” and this challenge ties right in with that.  Its sounds like an excellent challenge for anyone wanting to be just a bit more present in their life.  Not to venture too far away from why I love reading this blog, please check out: “I hope we don’t have to take our clothes off and touch each others chakras.”  Too funny.

I am glad that MFS was able to join in on my postcard exchange, and I hope that you will enjoy her blog as much as I do!


2 thoughts on “Postcard Exchange – Featured Postcard! “Australia”

    • Mindful Eating is this great methodology that I stumbled upon that can seriously help people buck the “dieting” none sense. Love it.

      No hurry! I’ve been slacking on getting all of mine up 🙂 And you are quite welcome!


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