Postcard Exchange – Featured Postcard! “Atlanta”

Scan0002At long last!  This is the very first featured postcard for my postcard exchange and it hails from Atlanta, Georgia, USA from none other than our illustrious Atlantamomofthree.  I’m very excited to share her postcard here because she is the brains behind the whole postcard exchange operation.  I began this exchange based off of hers, so please go and check out the original post that spurred me on and maybe join in!

Although I only know Valerie (Atlantamomofthree) through WordPress, I still have a favorite thing about her.  She seems to have this incredible knack for connecting all of us bloggers.  Not only does she have this great postcard exchange happening, she also is currently running a Summer Blog Party.  She features two bloggers a week in a sort of interview format.  It’s been fun to participate this summer.  Valerie has so much to offer on her blog, including opportunities to guest post.  Pop over and check her out.  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Still to come: South Carolina, USA; Singapore; and Australia!


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