Postcard Exchange!

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I’ve got some extra time today because I woke up SUPER early after having an incredibly strange dream about my upcoming delivery.  Anyway… Atlantamomofthree gave me a great idea!  She is doing a Postcard Exchange and I want to do it too 🙂  The idea is pretty simple, but so fun: we connect with each other via email, exchange information, and send postcards on their way!  She takes it one step further and features all the postcards she receives in a blog post that includes a link to your blog and a little bit about you/your blog.  I think this is a great way to use something other than the internet to communicate (I’m a sucker for handwritten letters) and to get to know other parts of the USA and world that we might not otherwise get to see or visit.

My boy is a little young (2), but I would like to use this as a learning tool, as well.  I have already received a postcard from Atlantamomofthree and he was excited to get to look at the wonderful pictures on her postcard from Atlanta.  He didn’t get to for long because he kept trying to fold it up.  Ahh, toddlers.  I’m planning to get a cork board to keep all of my postcards displayed and maybe use for a future geography lesson?

If you are ready to get started, just send an email to and we’ll begin!  I look forward to learning about where everyone is from!

Be on the lookout for my first featured postcard post from Atlantamomofthree!  I need to figure out my new scanner and send my reply card to her.


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