How to say “I Love You” on Father’s Day

Thank you Dadgitated for your Mother’s Day post that gave me that idea to do this!  It is so true that I am at a loss for what to do to really celebrate the greatness that is my husband and son’s father.  Should I cook him a special meal?  Well, I do that every day.  I suppose I could do a load of laundry for him since I haven’t done that for many years now, but that just seems silly.  I could do one of his chores, like mowing the lawn, but since I’m going to be birthing yet another one of his children in less than two months, that seems ill-advised.  I always make sure he has thoughtful cards and we typically BBQ with his family, but how can I really make him feel special and appreciated?  Embarrass him on the internet, of course!!!

My husband is a terrific father.  He get’s overwhelmed from time-to-time and responds in less than productive manners, but if we are going to be honest here, who doesn’t have that experience during the years of parenthood?  My absolute most favorite part of his parenting is when he he lets his freak flag fly.  Being a fairly reserved individual when in public, many would not believe this, but at home, my lover can be the silliest person on the planet.  Sorry honey, the cat’s out of the bag.  We often indulge our toddler’s commands of “Daddy wiggle, mommy wiggle”, “Itsy ‘pider tong Daddy”, and “muscles!”  My most favorite event lately was when hubby picked up our son’s ukelele and attempted to compose a goodnight song.  It got stuck in my head and made our son cry.  Pretty damn hilarious if you ask me 🙂  Let’s not forget our frequent impromptu dance parties that send our little one into the most wonderful laughing fits.

This is why I love celebrating Father’s Day.  I get to reflect on how my partner has become a father and how he makes the role his own.  Every father is different and, hopefully, brings their own creativity to the position.  I am so excited to see how the addition of our next boy will change and add to my husband’s experience of fatherhood.  Here’s to another year of trying to find our way on an unmarked path!

I love you!

Haircut day a few months back.  See what I mean?

Haircut day a few months back. See what I mean?


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