Let’s try this again….

So I started this blog about three years ago and did nothing with it.  After spending some time blogging for my coaching business, I have found it quite enjoyable to write for others.  I’m going to be putting my coaching on hold now that I am expecting my second child, but I would like to continue blogging.  Being a stay-at-home mother, I don’t have a platform for discussion very often because I spend most of my time talking with an 18 month old about dogs, trucks, goats, and poop.  There is a lot rattling around in my brain that needs an outlet and lively discussion.  I’ve got some topics saved up and I hope others find them interesting.  Today is not one of those topics as it is late and I will probably not make much sense if I try to delve into something to deep.  For now, I just want to put my intention out there to see where it takes me.

Love and light to you and yours!

2 thoughts on “Let’s try this again….

Sit a spell.

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