I wonder what I missed…

I tried to write this post six days ago and found that I really had no motivation.  I have had a couple people in my life bring it up over the last week so I thought maybe now is the time.

My social media vacation is over, and like any vacation, I don’t really want it to end.  What is so great about this vacation is that it doesn’t have to end; I can just keep on doing everything I am doing and not telling the whole internet about it. Mmmmmm.  Bliss. Continue reading

Wonderful Team Membership Award

For those of you who follow me regularly, you remember that between August and September last year (2013) we had this crazy award season.  I was busy growing and birthing a baby so I got rather behind in my acceptance and passing on of the various awards. I know, shame on me!  But today, I am ready to accept and pass on! Continue reading

SSS – Six Sentiments Saturday


This is a native Columbine. They are beautiful surprises every late spring.

This is a native Columbine. They are beautiful surprises every late spring.

I started this fun little blogging exercise and then skipped the second week :) I’m back on track now, but I think it is safe to say I won’t be very regular.  Can I count on the rest of you to fill in the gaps?

Here we go for this week’s sentiments: Continue reading

Of Course I Can! Blog Hop: Blackberries!

Disclaimer: I am not an expert nor a professional in the field of food preservation.  My expertise comes from personal experience that has been passed down generationally.  Always refer to published, up-to-date guides for cooking times.  If you need help finding a resource for your area, please let me know.  My favorite book on all things food preservation: Putting Food By.


Seriously. Turn your back for a MINUTE.

Living here in the PNW, blackberries are a fact of life. People that aren’t from here have this overly romanticized idea of the blackberry and that it is the quintessential Oregonian foodstuff.  I even have one set of distant cousins that have gone so far as to try to get them to grow in Iowa. All I can do is shake my head and wonder why they would want to inflict such pain on the rest of their unsuspecting state.  I love the taste blackberries, but if any plant can be accused of being sent straight from Hell, this is the one.  My family has been battling blackberries since the original homestead and it is never ending. If you turn your back for a minute, you’ve lost your house underneath a mountain of thick, sinister, sticker bushes. We Oregonians are a crafty bunch, so we fight, but we also learn to find the silver lining, so-to-speak. Making food with the fruit of this evil is like flipping the bird to the Devil. Continue reading

6 Things You Actually Have To Stop Doing To Be Happy

Mathair Fiona:

Read this. Christopher must have been in my head when he wrote this.

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Who doesn’t want to be a little more happy in life? I know I do. I think I am a fairly content and happy person most of the time, but I could stand to be a little happier. But what do I do if I want to be a happier person? The amount of advice online about how to be happy is seemingly unending.

Happy Little Girl

Such a smiley girl

As I read these tidbits of wisdom I always walk away with a ‘yes, but’ ringing in my mind. I think yes; ‘doing these things will likely make me happier in the moment, but will they contribute to my long term happiness?‘ Obviously that isn’t always the case. Somethings will without a doubt contribute to both my long term and my short term happiness. But some choices that will make me less happy in the short term, will set me up…

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SSS-Six Sentiments Saturday


I just want to apologize in advance if someone already came up with this (please let me know if that is the case), but I had a little brain-child today and want to share it with you all!

Everyone is always doing Ten Thoughts Tuesday or Thursday, whatever the case may be, and I decided that I want to participate, but those aren’t really the best days for me to be blogging.  Saturday is MUCH better.  I did a quick Bing search to see if anything existed, and found nothing so I decided to come up with my own…what are these things even called? Blogging exercises? Brain dumps? Anyway… I obviously needed a word that would alliterate appropriately with Saturday, so ‘sentiment’ sounded fun.  Then I picked the number six because it is even and my favorite number is three.  So there your have it, “Six Sentiments Saturday.” Continue reading